Veljko Kovačević

Software Developer
[email protected]

"I'm a developer based in Zrenjanin, Serbia pursuing a degree and career in Software Engineering. I have worked generally in C#, Javascript, Python. Also worked on projects involving NodeJS, PHP alongside communicating with RESTful APIs. I have some experience in the Unity Engine and managing VPS cloud machines to run dedicated server software."

Software Development
  • Python Proficient Flask Django
  • C# Proficient ASP.NET Core WPF Unity
  • JavaScript Proficient Vue.js NodeJS jQuery MV3
  • Java Proficient Swing Spring
  • PHP Proficient Laravel

System Administration
  • Bash Scripting Proficient
  • Docker Proficient
  • Nginx Proficient

Digital Content Creation
  • Adobe Photoshop Proficient
  • Adobe Premiere Pro Proficient
  • Adobe Illustrator Proficient

Journey-Buster 3
JavaScript (NodeJS, MV3) Python (Flask, FastAPI) C# (WPF) MongoDB

A Manifest 3 Chrome Extension geared towards blacklisting specific Twitter profiles found to be using content fabricated by artificial intelligence.
Features a JavaScript front-end complemented with a homebrew back-end API using a combination of NodeJS and Flask/FastAPI managed with a WPF Panel.


JavaScript (NodeJS) MongoDB

Multi-Use Discord Bot Responsible for serving over 7000 Discord servers with moderational, music streaming and social interaction commands. I worked on migrating functions to a new interactive system which required communicating with the Discord RESTful API, certain image endpoints and handling asynchronous events in real time.


SpotSong X
C# (WPF)

A process reading tool used to extract meta data from media players to be used in other applications for relevant applications.